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      Hayes at Hay Days - 2022

      Hayes at Hay Days - 2022

      Hayes was a proud exhibitor at Sno Baron’s Hay Days 2022. The event took place in North Branch Minnesota, from September 10-11 with a record-breaking number of attendees at over 40,000.

      To many snowmobilers, dealers, manufacturers, and the team at Hayes, Hay Days marks the beginning of the snowmobiling season, with a race held on a bed of hay! Hayes partnered with legendary snowmobile and off-road team Scheuring Speed Sports so attendees who stopped by our booth got to hang out with the Hayes and Scheuring teams throughout the event.

      The weekend was full of drag races, sled reveals, swap meets, raffles, and ATV, UTV, and dirt bike demonstrations. Hayes was proud to be right in the thick of helping everyone, and their machines, prepare for the upcoming snow season.

      We wanted to share our experience of this 2-day event. Hope to see you next year at Hay Days 2023!   

      We teamed up with Scheuring Speed Sports. Attendees who stopped by our booth got to hang out with the Hayes and Scheuring teams throughout the event. 

      hayes days 2022 attendees

      Event grounds had a constant stream of attendees circulating between races, demonstrations, and the three swap meet fields. 

      All set up and ready to chat about brakes and welcome tired attendees to relax on our inflatable furniture. 

      Attendees who took the time to stop by our booth were invited to try their luck on our prize wheel to receive one of many prizes.  


      Hay Days was the perfect backdrop to discuss the Sovren Brake Collection and other premium Hayes products. 


      The event gave us an opportunity to show off our range of expertise with bicycle components as well as powersports brakes.

      Hayes Sponsors MotoAmerica Superbike and Baggers

      Hayes Sponsors MotoAmerica Superbike and Baggers

       Road America was alive with the sound of bikes this past weekend as MotoAmerica Superbike Weekend attendees and racers descended on the iconic racetrack in Plymouth, WI, not far from Hayes’ global headquarters. In the flurry of motorcycles, there were a few calipers that stood out.

      Hayes Powersports sponsored teams Aftercare Hayes Scheibe Racing and Suburban Harley were both sporting jewel-toned REFLX 32 calipers. Ashton Yates of Scheibe races in the MotoAmerica Superbike series, led by industry veteran and team owner Steve Scheibe. Ashton and Scheibe had a solid points performance and finished in sixth, his best finish of the season on the team’s BMW S 1000 RR. The BMW featured a magenta Hayes REFLX 32. Across the pits, Suburban Harley’s line up of motorcycles also featured eye-catching, jewel toned REFLX 32s, accented against their Harley orange bikes. Racer Benny Carlson, #45, and crew chief Joe Houpt were in the pits when Hayes stopped by and posed with Hayes Performance Systems CEO Phil Malliet. Benny’s feedback about brake performance was simple: REFLX 32 has amazing performance. Even pad wear, superior feedback, and incredible, precise response.  


      Scheuring Speed Sports on Podium with Sovren Brakes

      Scheuring Speed Sports on Podium with Sovren Brakes

      Steve Scheuring has been in the racing business since 1978 when he began racing snowmobiles and go-karts. In 1997, he created the first truly independent snocross team, soon becoming a trendsetter in the sport after winning the ESPN Winter X Games and taking second and third in the World Championship the same year. Five years ago, he decided to tackle the world of UTV racing. One goal became immediately clear. 

      “We were the ones that realized in UTV racing that the existing brake system wasn't capable of doing what we wanted it to do. So with our history in the snocross side, we partnered with Hayes to develop and work on a new brake system,” Scheuring said. 

      With Hayes spearheading the engineering of this new brake system, and the Scheuring Speed Sports team performing extreme, diligent tests, Hayes developed their Sovren brake calipers 

      “We learn by data acquisition on the vehicle. Seeing what is going on, what we can’t see, different compounds, different parts – a lot of trial and error. And the cool thing about racing is it accelerates the testing so much compared to what a consumer would go through. 

      “We get a lot of fast, accurate data that will tell us what worked good and what we need to improve,” Scheuring said. “So it’s a constant effort trying to find that center on the bullseye.” 

      Scheuring’s team tested Sovren caliper brakes on the very same tracks they race on. This is especially important for UTV brake systems because the terrain they face can vary greatly depending on where the UTV is. 

      “Dirt is so different depending on where you are in the country. We have clay tracks, we have gravel tracks, we have sand tracks – all of those play a factor in the whole vehicle’s performance,” Scheuring said. “We have our own facility here, but when you go to the track where you actually have the same conditions it tells you: are there rocks getting up in the brake caliper? Is there sand getting in there? What happens when we get full of mud? So all that is real life and then we’ve got the data to confirm it.” 

      This level of testing has greatly contributed to Hayes Sovren calipers’ ability to withstand intrusions from different types of dirt. While renting a track and traveling with a fleet of UTVs is no small task, Scheuring says it is a “true test” of what the Sovren calipers can do. One example of this intense testing is under the conditions of rain and mud when racers use larger wheel and tire diameters. 

      “It adds an additional load to the brakes, not to mention the rain and the mud. So we need more braking power because of the leverage of the bigger tire as we're going faster,” Scheuring said. “We've seen longer performance with the Sovren than we have with anything else we've run. So that's been a huge help for us.” 

      Due to the nature of the track and summer rain, Scheuring’s team can sometimes add at least 80 extra pounds of mud to their UTVs during a race. Cooling ducts and vents can also get plugged up with mud, causing overheating in other brake calipers that struggle to handle the extra weight. 

      “The caliper itself can’t vent out, so now you have another challenge. So that’s another great test, and that’s where Hayes Sovren brake calipers really shined,” Scheuring said. 

      With all this dirt and so many parts to account for, UTV racing teams like Scheuring Speed Sports spend a lot of time organizing and cleaning their shops. Hayes took the frequent assembly and disassembly of UTVs into account and made bi-directional calipers that work on both sides of the vehicle. This feature also reduces the number of spare parts UTV drivers need. Rather than stocking parts for four wheels, drivers only need to stock up for two: a front and a rear – or even just one for certain vehicle configurations where the front and rear are the same. 

      Last year at the Crandon International Off-Road Raceway, Scheuring’s team faced pouring rain and massive amounts of wet clay. Wet clay that, unsurprisingly, ended up plugged and packed into the nooks and crannies of the UTVs. 

      “Temperatures are at a maximum. That’s part of the element you have to prepare for. The Sovren calipers were an A-plus. I mean, it was great. It was a testimony that everything we’re doing is working,” Scheuring said. “We didn’t have issues with rocks hitting the fittings and breaking them. There are a lot of things you don't think about that happen. And the reason you don’t think about them is probably because we experienced them when we were testing.” 

      The ability of a brake system to handle heat is vital to its longevity and consistency. Hayes Sovren brake calipers give the driver a solid pedal feel even when temperatures get extreme. 

      “We've seen testing with other calipers where it’s gotten so hot it's actually melted the seals out of the caliper as we were doing testing. And once one component fails, then the whole system fails. So controlling that heat is huge for making the whole system live,” Scheuring said. “And that's some of the stuff we've tested with Hayes – to make sure you have the right material for the seals, have the right brake fluid in there, so that as you get to those extreme environments, everything works as it should.”  

      Standing up to heat also helps the brake system live longer, and there are many complicated decisions that go into extending the lifespan of a brake. 

      “One of the biggest things that helps is efficiency. In the Sovren system, everything works like it’s supposed to,” Scheuring said. “The friction on the pads matches what we need for the rotors. It’s a complete package that’s really become efficient. And that’s what helped it thrive in our industry.” 

      The distribution of the pads’ friction on the rotors was also a key factor in the engineering of Sovren calipers. 

      “The pad is making even contact with the rotor all the way across. It’s not pushing one side of the pad into the rotor while the other side is not making contact. It’s the same on the release,” Scheuring said. “So it’s a uniform surface applying maximum brake force with the surface area. And those pressures are crazy. I mean, that’s a lot of pressure.” 

      Up to 1800 psi to be exact, combined with double-acting pad springs that delivers higher braking capability, and is evenly distributed across the rotors. Hayes used Scheuring’s data to help them decide the proper brake balance between the front and rear depending on the selected piston size. 

      “We’ve worked extremely hard to help Hayes make this a superior product. To see the passion that Hayes has was just another cool factor,” Scheuring said. “These guys want to succeed, they want to have the best product out there and that alone adds confidence. 

      “The Hayes system is the best. The Sovren has been proven. It’s been tested. You’ve got the top racers in the world running it now, not only on our team. It’s a no-brainer.” 

      Scheuring Speed Sports races next at the Crandon International Speedway in the Champ Off-Road Series on June 25 and 26. You can follow the Scheuring Speed Sports team on Instagram: @scheuring_speed_sports. Don’t forget to follow @hayespowersports while you’re there! 

      Hayes Powersports to be at Champ Off-Road Race on June 25 & 26

      Hayes Powersports to be at Champ Off-Road Race on June 25 & 26

      Hayes Powersports will be at Champ Off-Road Forest County Potawatomi Brush Run in Crandon, WI, on June 25 and 26. The race will take place at the iconic Crandon International Raceway. 

      Stop by the Hayes Powersports booth to learn more about our Sovren technology and our other powersports brake products. Participants that complete a brief survey will walk away with an exclusive Hayes shirt or other exclusive prizes. 

      Follow @hayespowersports on Instagram for updates on booth location, giveaways, and our newly released Sovren upgrade collection for Can-Am and Yamaha. To learn more about the race, visit champoffroad.com. 

      Scheuring Speed Sports and Rodney VanEperen Signed  with Hayes

      Scheuring Speed Sports and Rodney VanEperen Signed with Hayes

      As a new Champ Off-Road season dawns, Hayes is honored to announce sponsorships with two winning teams – Scheuring Speed Sports and the VanEperens. Scheuring Speed Sports has a stellar line up this season with veteran Elliott Burns returning for another season. Elliott’s technical knowledge of his Can-Am vehicle and precise racing style is sure to extricate all the benefit of the Hayes Sovren calipers and Pro-Float rotors. Additionally, the Scheuring team will be welcoming Pro UTV and Pro 4 truck racer Kyle Chaney onto the team. Kyle tends to make himself at home on the podium, a habit his new and improved Sovren brake set up ensure. 

      Kyle and Elliott aren’t the only cars running Hayes’ Sovren set up though – they’ll encounter fierce competition from Yamaha’s own Rodney and Owen VanEperen on the track. Rodney and Owen are a father son duo from the heart of Wisconsin and exhibited neck and neck competition last season with Rodney finally securing first place. Both Rodney and Owen will be running Hayes’ Sovren Yamaha Kit with Pro-Float Rotors. 

      To follow Hayes’ sponsored Champ Off-Road teams, find them on Instagram at @scheuring_speed_sports, @kyle_chaney191, @rodneyve45, @owenvaneperen5. Interested in attending a race and catching the action in person? Check out the Championship Off-Road tour schedule. 




      SxS World Champion Switched to Hayes Sovren Calipers

      SxS World Champion Switched to Hayes Sovren Calipers

      UTV off-road racer Rodney VanEperen was the Pro Mod SxS World Champion of the AMSOIL Off-Road Championship last year. But behind the scenes of his final race, VanEperen pulled an uncharacteristic and bold move: switching out his brake calipers for Hayes Sovren calipers after testing them only once. 

      VanEperen is particular and calculated when bolting new parts on his UTV. As an owner of the Powersports1 dealership in Appleton, WI, he doesn’t take any decision lightly when representing his shop on the racecourse. VanEperen initially felt nervous about changing to Sovren calipers for the final weekend of the championship in Crandon, WI. 

      “I wasn’t sold on it. I had heard rumors of some guys running them and how great they are, and I kind of went, ‘Eh, I’m sure they’re good, but what we’ve got is good,’” VanEperen said. “I put them on for one race. It was probably the single biggest difference from any one part I’ve bolted on a car that I’ve really ever seen.” 

      VanEperen ended up getting second in the race, despite only needing a “halfway decent finish” to win the championship. This was an especially pleasant surprise considering the Crandon International Off-Road Raceway’s extreme track conditions. 

      “Crandon is probably the highest speed track that we race at. We come into the gravel pit at Crandon at pretty close to 90 miles per hour,” VanEperen said. “It’s a big difference when you’ve got good brakes versus spongy brakes or fading brakes, so it was a night and day difference.” 

      Fading brakes is one of many problems VanEperen was running into throughout the season – problems that he did not come across with Hayes’ Sovren calipers. 

      “It was worth it for me because I was fighting all year against brake fade, bent rotors, and warped rotors,” VanEperen said. “It was a great savior right at that point and really helped us a lot in setting the direction we needed to go for the ’22 season.” 

      Hayes’ Sovren calipers are strong and consistent, providing superior braking performance in extreme applications like the course in Crandon. Any skilled off-road racer understands the importance of stopping power. A consistent brake can maximize the graceful technique of a driver. 

      “Like I said, you're going 90 miles an hour and you gotta stop in a heartbeat,” VanEperen said. “But I was kind of laughing in my helmet because the brakes were so good. I could drive it in way deeper than the rest of the guys and I really wasn't even braking all that hard. 

      “I didn't even feel like I was pushing it, yet we still ended up second in the race. I was braking later than everybody else and still stopping with all kinds of extra time in the corner.” 

      This braking power is all thanks to Sovren’s caliper pressure of up to 1800 psi (125 bar) clamp force combined with double-acting pad springs that delivers higher braking capability – a feature that VanEperen was able to pick up on. 

      “Well, I don’t really know what their magic potion is but they have the right amount of braking pressure,” VanEperen said. “The pedal feel is better than stock, you can feel the brakes and put them on gradually, but the stopping is way more extreme when you get midway through the pedal.” 

      Another extreme that off-road racers are all too familiar with when it comes to brakes is heat. The consistency that Sovren calipers provided VanEperen in his race allowed him to confidently take corners without worrying about mushy, faded brakes. 

      “I know the longevity of them is going to be longer for sure. We had zero heat issues with them. And a lot of times calipers get damaged. Sovren calipers have a really stout bracket to mount these things,” VanEperen said. “When you get brake fade and you're halfway through the race, you're kind of going, ‘Alright, I'm not going in this corner too fast because I'm not sure if this thing is going to stop or not.’ The Sovren brakes from Hayes had a solid pedal feel from the very first lap ‘til the last lap.” 

      Off-road build-up like gravel, dust, and mud are a common element (and cleaning nuisance) for UTV racers and enthusiasts alike. While these elements are fundamental to the excitement and spirit of off-roading, they can pose a threat to the integrity of a vehicle’s parts. That is why Hayes was sure to engineer Sovren calipers with a durable design that includes automotive pin-style boots, resulting in less dirt intrusion. 

      “At the end of the day, we had zero issues. We didn’t have to clean any of the plungers out or scrape anything out,” VanEperen said. “We never touched them. We looked at them in between races and that was it. There was no maintenance involved with anything. No dust or corrosion or mud or anything like that.” 

      Along with keeping his shop clean, VanEperen also likes to keep his shop organized. He found the bi-directional nature of Sovren calipers helpful and convenient when including them in his UTV. 

      “They made it easy. You don't have a specific caliper for each side. So there's a bleeder on the top and the bottom, and the same calipers are used from side to side. So essentially if you had an issue or you wanted to stock one spare, you could use that one caliper for both sides,” VanEperen said. “They made it really easy because they're interchangeable.” 

      VanEperen is looking forward to using Sovren calipers in the coming year. After a championship win, VanEperen isn’t looking to make a lot of changes, but he is confident that switching to Sovren calipers will make the biggest difference in his lap times this year. 

      “It's the single biggest upgrade you can do to a UTV right now that's just bolt on and upgrade. I mean we constantly bolt parts on these things nonstop to try and make them go faster and be better,” VanEperen said. “This might be the single biggest thing that you can bolt on to literally lower your lap time. That you could go out there and go, ‘Alright. I definitely went faster around that track than I did before.” 

      You can follow VanEperen’s racing journey this year on Instagram: @rodneyve45. VanEperen’s son, racing partner, and fellow Hayes’ Sovren calipers enthusiast, Owen, can be found @owenvaneperen5. Don’t forget to follow @hayespowersports while you’re there!