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      We’ve earned the trust and respect of elite riders worldwide thanks to our decades of experience. Quite simply, we’ve got street cred with people who matter. Hayes sponsors these riders whose performances redefine what it means to compete and push limits.


      • Scheibe Racing has and continues to prove its strategic partnership with Hayes Performance Systems. Scheibe's MotoAmerica Superbike team puts our X32 and V32 brakes through the most extreme conditions to provide race-proven performance on and off the track. After each race, we gather data from the team to gain R&D insights to further our ongoing pursuit to perfect our Hayes brake. To keep an eye on event highlights and news, follow Scheibe Racing on Facebook. For the full 2019 MotoAmerica event information - click here.
      • Rok Bagoroš, based out of Radenci, Slovenia, is a freestyle street bike rider under the wing of KTM Factory and an international ambassador for the KTM Duke bike range. Two thousand nineteen was Rok's first year as a Hayes' sponsored athlete and is excited to equip his bike with our X32 and V32 hydraulic brakes. To learn more about Rok, see Sponsored Riders below or visit his website - click here.



        Check out the AMSOIL Championship Series schedule, riders, and results.



        XC RACING

        Cross Country Snowmobile Racing Teams

        • Faust Racing - Follow Faust on Facebook!
        • Team Arctic Cat