We focus on improvement and development of industry-leading brake and control systems, but our world-class manufacturing capabilities are just as important. As we design and develop innovative new technologies, the demand for even more sophisticated and complex manufacturing systems follows.


Our dedication to superior manufacturing is ingrained in our Hayes Business System philosophy. The Hayes Business System identifies the importance of customers, motivated and empowered employees, superior products, strategic focus, agility, and accountability. It defines who we are and what it takes to be a world-class company. The Hayes Business System and our commitment to satisfying the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, together, we establish and provide the focus and foundation of our overall Quality Management System (QMS).


Our OEM customers expect rapid and frequent product iterations with multiple design options and flexibility of application. We meet these expectations with forward-thinking strategic product planning and a technology roadmap linked to overall business objectives. We deliver a combination of performance, technology and speed-to-market to our strategic partners.


Our focused cellular manufacturing process, called Diamond Cells of Excellence, incorporates integrated work instructions and embraces error-proofing through a combination of product design and processes. Single-piece flow ensures the highest product quality at the source, and 100% testing ensures complete product integrity. Our strategically aligned 6S and 6 Sigma Lean programs drive continuous improvement.


Hayes customizes products to integrate flawlessly with the styling and performance objectives of an OEM vehicle. We use the latest tools and technologies, including Pro-E, CAD, FEA, NVH and DOE. We relentlessly test and analyze products, because the more we push it, the easier it is to determine how to improve it.


Hayes brake systems, manufactured under our proprietary S-VAC system, are guaranteed to produce more power, better feel and sustained consistency. Our S-VAC system features: Sequential component assembly Intelligent assembly fixtures and fastening systems Component barcode verification System level vacuum and leak detection Proprietary multi-stage fluid conditioning process and fill Performance validation of brake and ABS functions Serialized traceability

Our S-VAC system also delivers a significant benefit to OEM partners: It eliminates the risk of brake fluid damaging the vehicle’s paint in the production facilities. Our performance metrics keep our team focused on safety, cost, quality and on-time delivery. In fact, many of our customers have become accustomed to 100% on-time delivery and 0 PPM quality.