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      • I have a Hayes brake that I need replaced.
        • Hayes replacement parts can be found on HayesPowersports.com.
        • If you can't find what you're looking for or have a product question, contact our customer care team at 888.543.4803 or send us a message: CONTACT US.
        • If calling customer service for more information, please be prepared to provide the following information:
          • Original vehicle year/make/model
          • Hayes product model type
          • Brake rotor thickness
          • Brake pad type on brake pad backing plate (ex: T### or Type ###)
      • I cannot find the Hayes part I'm looking for.
        • Hayes does not offer all parts direct as some are owned by our OE customers. Please contact your vehicle dealer to procure those parts. 
      • I have a Hayes brake that I need repaired.
        • For repairs, contact the dealer that services the vehicle.
      • I have a question about one of the Hayes bicycle brands.
        • For questions about the family of Hayes Bicycle brands, click here.
      • I'm an OE and have a question about Hayes Performance Systems.
        • If you are an OE and looking to speak to someone on our sales and engineering team, contact us at (262)242-4300 or send us a message on our Contact Page.