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      • Where is Hayes Performance Systems located?
        • Hayes Performance Systems is headquartered in Mequon, Wisconsin, with another stateside location in Utah and global locations in Taiwan, China, and Germany.
      • Where are your products manufactured?
        • At Hayes Performance Systems, we proudly manufacture our brake systems for power sports, heavy equipment, and military right here in the USA at our global headquarters in Mequon, Wisconsin, with reliable components from domestic and global partners.
      • What is it like working with Hayes Performance Systems?
        • While each of our customer relationships are unique, we pride ourselves in knowing that Hayes Performance Systems is regarded as a reliable, helpful and flexible partner to our customers.
      • What industry certifications do you have?
        • ISO 9000, ITAR
      • How long will it take before I see designs?
        • This will vary greatly on the size and scope of your proposed project. Please reach out to our sales team to learn more about our design process.
      • How do you handle custom orders or applications?
        • Here at Hayes Performance Systems, we have a history of working with customers to make their specialized custom orders happen. Being a mid-size manufacturer, we have the agility to cater to specific designs customers require. Have a custom order inquiry? Contact us at (262)242-4300 or call toll free at (800)747-1681.


      • I have a Hayes brake that I need replaced or repaired.
        • For Hayes Brake replacements or repairs, contact the dealer that services the vehicle.
      • I have a question about one of the Hayes bicycle brands.
        • For questions about the family of Hayes Bicycle brands, click here.
      • Do you sell direct, or do I have to purchase through a distributor?
        • I’m a Potential OEM Customer: Please contact our sales team at (262)242-4300 and we will discuss your application and determine the best method for us to support your business.
        • I’m an End User: Hayes currently relies on our distributor network, as well as the vehicle OEM dealer network to sell replacement parts for our products. Explore distributor options here:
      • Where can I find part model information about your products?
        • Current models are shown on our website on these pages:
        • If calling Hayes Performance Systems customer service for more information, please be prepared to provide the following information from your existing Master Cylinder or Caliper:
          • Original vehicle year/make/model
          • Hayes product model type
          • Brake rotor thickness
          • Brake pad type on brake pad backing plate (ex: T### or Type ###)
      • How do I contact your company if my question isn’t answered here?
        • If you are looking to speak to someone on our sales and engineering team, contact us at (262)242-4300 or send us a message on our Contact Page.